Great Tips on Hookah Smoking

Published on July 25th, 2014 00:00

You may find numerous tips on how exactly one should smoke hookah. In this article are brought to you some ideas for efficiently using hookah in order to take pleasure in your favorite flavor.
Experiment with diverse styles and methods, as not all hookahs are identical and find the one that works for you the most!

1. Begin with placing the water in the container filling it 3-5 cm above the tip of the pipe. In case you like a cooler smoke try to add ice in the vase.  Then put the foil above the top of the pan, light side down. It is possible to use two layers of foil; it just depends on your preferences. 

2. Remove the hose from dust; please make sure that it is washable.

3. Burn up the coal, just note that the coal should be specially done for hookah smoking. Never try to opt for barbecue coals when smoking hookah as they tend to produce an increased level of carbon monoxide and consequently cause headaches. We advise you to not use coals until they are grey, as they can produce an unpleasant scent.

4. Afterwards put the coals on the foil and make a few drags, the inhaling must be easy.

5. Always make sure that hookah smoke is white, this signifies that you have done all properly. In case you feel that the smoke is too tough, then it means that you have placed a lot of coal.

6. A properly set bowl with a reliable hookah tobacco as for example Ahram or Al Fakher may last for over 45 minutes, which is the sign of quality.

7. Do not be afraid to experiment with diverse flavors and brands of hookah, in order to figure out which one is the ideal for you.

8. Try not only with various flavors, one of our best tips is to mix several flavors together so as to get distinctive and enjoyable hookah flavors. For example, you may blend apple-melon, mint-lemon or banana-mango.

9. Utilize tongs that are designed for hookah smoking, to be able to move the coals. Don’t try any kind of kitchen tongs.

10. Be aware that certain hookah flavors could be so intense that their taste may remain in your hookah even after washing. Consult with merchant before buying any new flavors.

11. If you want to experiment with a new hookah flavor or a new brand, purchase a small 50g pack to see if it suits you.

12. And finally pay attention to how you inhale, as an extreme inhaling may make you feel dizzy.