Saint George Cigarettes

Saint George Lights Cigarettes

Saint George Lights

price per carton: $13.43 $10.74
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
Saint George Cigarettes

Saint George

price per carton: $13.43 $10.74
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

Saint George cigarettes

If you are looking for a great smoke, try Saint George Cigarettes!

The Saint George cigarettes are cigarette brand of the greatest tobacco company Gallaher LTD. This is a tobacco company that is famous for its qualitative smoking brands of cigs that occupy the leading places in the cigarettes market. The cigarettes of this tobacco company are characterized by specific cigarettes taste and fine quality tobacco.

Saint George cigarettes have very "blessed" taste. Due to this characteristic, this tobacco product was honored with such a brand name. The brand name for this cigs was inspired from a famous Saint George.

St. George cigs are the embodiment of the richness in taste and composition.

Company producer developed a special technology of preparation that makes Saint George to own such incomparable flavor. The method of producing of this brand was chose so perfectly, that till today no other brand can be compared with it.

This brand has a special technology for preparing tobacco that combined with special selected aromatic additives.

Mostly, Saint George is preferred by smokers of Eastern Europe, especial by Romanians. Maybe this tobacco is preferred for its blessed symbol, maybe for its outstanding components, but the fact that Saint George is unlikable in taste can not be denied.

These great Cigarettes are found in hard packs and are also available in a light version with less tar and nicotine than the regular Saint George Cigarettes are produced with.

At our online cigarettes store you can find Saint George cigarettes in two varieties, the most qualitative tobacco product at the best selling price: Saint George and Saint George Lights.

Did you ever smoke Saint George? If not, you ought to try it.