R1 Slim Cigarettes

R1 Slim Minima Cigarettes

R1 Slim Minima

price per carton: $22.98 $18.38
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
R1 Ultra Cigarettes

R1 Slim Ultra

price per carton: $22.98 $18.38
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

R1 Slim cigarettes

R1 was launched not so much time ago. First smoker could taste these cigarettes in 1984, in Germany. Today, these cigarettes have conquered a strong position in Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Greece, and in extremely popular states from Europe.

R1 cigarettes is a brand of tobacco made by Reemtsma Cigarettenfabriken, a famous German Tobacco Company. This Company is located in Europe.

Reemtsma is the Tobacco Company that selects the best quality of tobacco from the selected fields for their different brands of cigarette. This Company gives the guarantee to provide full satisfaction to their customers.

One of the brands, which are mostly preferred by the people, is the R1 brand. Unlike other cigarette brands this brand has a different style with a different type of flavor. R1 cigarettes are very smooth in taste with a rich flavor which no other brand can provide.

The smooth taste and the pleasant aroma of highest quality tobacco as well as the elegance of its pack design make R1 cigarettes good for sale and very popular among the smokers. The tobacco in these cigarettes is perfectly blended offering unmatched taste, while also making them easy to smoke.

R1 are cigarettes created by tobacco producers for to determine ladies tastiest.

The brands of R1 cigarettes which are available in our online cigarettes store are: R1 Slim Minima, and R1 Slim Ultra.