More Cigarettes

More Blue Cigarettes

More Blue

price per carton: $14.18 $11.34
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
More Filters Cigarettes

More Filters

price per carton: $14.18 $11.34
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

More cigarettes

A delicious taste makes the smokers buy More Cigarettes.

More is a cigarette brand made by Japan Tobacco International. Japan Tobacco International is a world's third largest tobacco company, manufacturing internationally recognized cigarette brands.

More is an old, famous and widespread brand of cigarettes with a dark brown and white wrapper, but the first More cigarettes filter were of brown color.

These glamorous discount cigarettes are the choice for real smokers who appreciate high quality tobacco with smooth recognizable taste. Their premium quality American Blend tobacco, chosen additives and well-designed filter made them one of the top breed of the cigarettes' world.

The manufacturers use laser to punch filters for More cigarettes, which guarantees the measureless high quality of the brand.

At the present More cigarettes are produced in Switzerland and USA, Germany and Greece, England, Malaysia, Thailand, Romania, Australia and in many other states.

More cigarettes achieve a respectable request on the cigarettes market because of their delicate, light flavor and tasty aroma.

More are cigarettes that have a very big popularity among smokers all over the world and are presented in two well known varieties: More Lights cigarettes and More Filter cigarettes.