Lady Cigarettes

Lady Rose Cigarettes

Lady Rose

price per carton: $17.68 $14.14
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
Lady Diamond Cigarettes

Lady Diamond

price per carton: $16.73 $13.38
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit
Lady Menthol Cigarettes

Lady Menthol

price per carton: $16.73 $13.38
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

Lady cigarettes

Whereas there are a number of discount cigarettes brands designed for ladies, none of them highlight femininity and style as much as the brand Lady.

Lady cigarettes are exclusively available for all the lady smokers around the world. Lady cigarettes are for ladies that can make their own rules and then turn around and change them. Lady Cigs are for the woman who can create her own expressions and styles. It is created for ladies having their own preferences and striving to fulfill her desires.

Lady cigarettes are produced by Cigaronne Tobacco Company. It was first introduced on March 8, 2006 which is the "Women's day".

Each Lady cigarette is carefully created with admiration and care for all the lady smokers. Lady Cigarettes are prepared along with the best blended sorts of blended tobacco. It depicts every woman's character because the Lady Brand cigarettes are classical and beautiful. Lady Diamond cigarettes is for women that love elegance and diamonds, Lady Rose cigarettes is specially designed for lady smokers who love the romantic and loving natures of roses and Lady Menthol cigarettes is particularly made for lady smokers who like to fly on wings of the wind.

Each cigarette is made of a colored tipping paper that can hide the stains and smudges of lipstick. The packing looks also amazing. Each pack that contains twenty cigarettes is decorated by a holographic material. It is packed in a shining and a magnificent design.

The special filters of Lady Cigarettes have a significant importance due to its uniqueness. Each special unique filter can give the lady smokers a more refined and polished experience.

Every lady should try this cigarette, so that they can experience a feeling that they have never felt before.