Fluieras Cigarettes

Fluieraş Cigarettes


price per carton: $26.84 $21.47
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

Fluieras cigarettes

Fluieras Cigarettes are without a doubt one of the most renowned tobacco brands in the market.

Fluieras Cigarettes are really one of those premium tobacco brands that managed to spread worldwide and win appraisal within large groups of smokers.

Fluieras brand of cigarette is property of Tutun-CTC, one of the best Tobacco Company which produce leading brands of discount cigarettes what won international quality awards. Every cigarette taste of TUTUN-CTC Company is only one of its kinds because of special picked sauces and aromatic agents.

Fluieras fag is winner of bronze medal on Russia tobacco exhibition where concurred along with 120 samples of brands.

Fluieras cigarettes have a rich flavor, and contain fine tobacco blends from the best provinces. This smoking product is characterized by fine, rich aroma that is provided by selected blended tobacco.

The most identifiable item of Fluieras cigarettes is its red color of cig packs. It is known that red color is rebellion against ordinaries, it goes against rules, this color bear those that aren't as that usual.

Fluieras fag brand belongs to these characteristics.

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