Cosmos Cigarettes

Cosmos Cigarettes


price per carton: $26.84 $21.47
minimum amount of cartons: 1 unit

Cosmos cigarettes

Cosmos cigarettes are produced by Tutun CTC Company from the Republic of Moldova. Cosmos is a brand of cigarettes that have a unique, smooth, and light flavor. This filtered discount cigarettes has a strong, rich taste and a "genuine" aroma that make them unique. Cosmos Cigarettes have a unique taste because of its high quality, blended tobaccos.

Cosmos cigarettes are really those cigarettes that are able to stand alone in its uniqueness.

Along with its rich taste, the masculine packaging of this cigarette makes it the perfect smoke for any man. The packaging features a dark blue background with celestial pictures decorating the front of the package on a King sized flip top box. The name of the brand "Cosmos" is printed on the top part of the box in bold, white lettering.

Cosmos Cigarettes are the only cigs for men who like the freedom, hectic life and cosmos!

This cigarette is moderately priced and is easily affordable to even the most economical smoker. This is an especially pleasant surprise considering the high quality of this fine cigarette. In today's world economy, a good quality product with a low price is a rare find indeed.

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