Smoking Rate Is High in Amsterdam

Published on August 13th, 2013 00:00

According to estimates there are more people lighting up in Amsterdam these days than there were registered more than five years ago.

The Public Health Service came to the conclusion from current investigation that while the number of smokers in the Netherlands in general is lessening, the rate in Amsterdam demonstrating the opposite effect. For instance, in 2008 about 27 % of Amsterdammers lighted up; at present the figure is 28 %. As to the Dutch rate it is much lesser, staying at 23 %. A boost of 1% is not generally the main reason for concern; however that is dependent on where the percentage lays. People older than 65 are lighting up less, as well as women between 25 and 64, as to Amsterdammers, an increase was depicted between 19 and 34.

Five years ago, 29 % of teen Amsterdammers were smokers; currently the rate is 39 %. That is exactly the same percentage of people who smoked in Amsterdam in 1994. The Bonger Institute at the University of Amsterdam, which tracks the ranges of smoking among people in cafes and clubs in Amsterdam, declared that even though the warning signs had been placed there, they had not anticipated such a huge increase. Their research had mentioned a current boost in smokers in clubs, which has been increasing since 2010.

This raise in smokers covers similar period as the government’s ban on cigarette use in hotels and restaurants, even though permitting it in small cafes and bars. In fact, nevertheless, the ban is not observed in larger bars, cafes and nightclubs.

Straggling this, the authorities will re-enforce the ban on smoking in bars and cafes all over the entire food industry starting July 2014. After the ban is reintroduced, cigarette e use will only be allowed in split smoking areas without any table service. In the Netherlands in general, the number of places permitting smoking has decreased. In 2012, 61 % of cafes and clubs prohibited cigarette use inside; this current year, it was 73 %. The rate of smoking places in pubs, on the other hand, has doubled. Whether or not the ban will decrease the rate of teen smoking remains to be seen.